Become a Darling Ambassador

Join the Darling Society, our community of like-minded women who are sales representatives of our brand, spreading the Darling Mission and making a positive impact through fashion and community.
Buy Capsule

Buy Capsule

Invest in a 10 or 20 piece capsule collection
of chic pieces that all merchandise
together to begin selling.


Sell the Clothes

Sell the clothes creatively in your own way and spread the positive mission of Darling by helping women dress with confidence.


Earn an Income & Other Perks

Earn industry leading commissions of 25% – 40% through your own personal storefront and participate in exclusive Darling Society events.

Why This Matters

Why This Matters

Getting dressed can be a lonely and frustrating experience for women, a reminder first thing in the morning of what we don’t love about our bodies.

We are creating a clothing line that’s a vehicle of our Darling message: You are a work of art.

Our Ambassadors have the chance to help other women realize their beauty and dress with confidence. Through a supportive community, true change happens in the way we think, and therefore show up in a world.

A Message From Our Founder

Darling Mission

Over the last 10 years, Darling has been a powerful media company that has shifted cultural mindsets on beauty and self-esteem, notably being the first magazine to not photoshop women’s skin or bodies.

We are now expanding into a lifestyle brand with a strong community integration that carries our positive “Darling” message through our new Darling clothing line and home goods collection.

If you’re seeking to be a part of a meaningful community with a common mission, you’ve come to the right place.

Darling Mission

Okay, I’m in!

We have only limited spots available for Fall 2023, so we hope you’ll join us soon! We are excited to join you in creating true change in the retail and shopping experience for women, trading a typically lonely and transactional moment for a relational and uplifting experience.


Q: How many seasons are there in one year?

A: Our Essentials Collection includes 20-22 pieces and comes out twice a year, in February and September. We also have three items that come out monthly called our “drops” that accent and build upon the Essentials. Our first season will be 4 months due to it being our launch.

Q: What is the pricing of the clothing?

A: This is not a fast fashion clothing line, so the prices start at $60 and go up to around $200, with some of our drops or fully sustainable items being a bit higher than $200 in price. We stand by the fact that ethically made clothing costs more, because it is made well, and its creators are taken care of.

Q: Where is the product made?
A: Our product is made overseas, overseen by a woman named Shirley and her son, James, with whom we have a long-term history with. Shirley has been in production for over 30 years and is passionate about making those who create garments feel valued and seen. James is an expert in sustainability and is helping us navigate toward better and better fabric choices as we build our brand. Shirley closely monitors the working conditions and values transparency in all steps of production. For example, as our prototype samples have been coming in the last few months, we have been able to send direct encouragement and affirmation to the team sewing the items through Shirley. As we launch, you will see full transparency on our entire production pipeline.
Q: Is Darling “sustainable”?
A: We don’t identify as a 100% sustainable brand that hits all 200+ sustainability points. The unfortunate truth is that many brands claim this but are not living up to it on the back end. We are a brand who truly cares about integrity; we see ethical production as a moral obligation, so every decision counts. Our commitment is to work toward becoming more and more sustainable, while being 100% transparent on our production. Our first collection is 47% sustainable, which is a huge milestone for us right out of the gate. We’re committed to making better choices every day, minimizing our social and environmental impact across the entire business.
Q: What is Darling’s philosophy on sizing inclusivity?
A: Our sizing for our first collection comes in XS – XXL. As a brand who has valued highlighting the beauty of diverse shapes and sizes over the last 10 years, we are working toward thinking through many body types in our design process. For example, nothing is extremely tight or fitted; we have put elastic in many of the waistbands and are working with ties, string cinches and other elements that can make the collection the most versatile. We know we aren’t perfect and won’t nail it every time, but we are hoping for your feedback (and grace) as we grow and learn who our audience is and what they desire.
Q: Why is there an investment for Ambassadors?

A: We are seeking to create true change in the retail and shopping experience for women, trading the typically lonely and transactional for a relational and uplifting experience. We aren’t interested in one-off posts without a relationship to our brand and ethos; we are building a sophisticated opportunity for women to organically wear and support a line that is making a positive difference in women’s lives.

We require our Ambassadors to invest in the Essentials line because we believe in showing the entire collection as a capsule that all styles well together. We also believe in the power of showing fabric and fit in an inclusive way to women of all sizes and shapes (whether in person, or on a digital platform). The good news is you can also sell your samples at the end of the season and recoup your investment. However, we think you’ll probably want to keep them! 😉

Q: When is it required to be paid, and do you have a payment plan?

A. Our sample line is worth over $3,000; Ambassadors receive it for only $1,000, which is an incredible deal on an entire capsule collection. You are required to put down a $250 deposit to secure your spot (remember there are only 500 spots for our launch), then there is a three-part payment plan for your remaining balance that is collected 30 days apart. Remember though, our referral program gets you and your friend $250 Darling Dollars each which can be used as credit toward your seasonal sample lines. If you refer a few people, your line can be free.

Q: If I become an Ambassador and purchase the Essentials Collection, what sizes do they come in?
A: We realize that many women are going to want to try on the clothing and make outfits in order to show the collection well, so we’ve created two optional Essentials Collection size options: Mostly small, which is a majority S with a few XS and M pieces and mostly large, which is the majority L with a few M and XL and XXL pieces. Everything might not fit you perfectly, but we are trying our best to accommodate for various looks and sizing. We look forward to learning from our Ambassadors over our first couple of seasons and making adjustments as needed.
Q: Are there sales minimums each month/season for Ambassadors and Founders?
A: For our first season, there are no minimums to get people started and familiar with the brand. For season two, we are asking that Ambassadors earn enough in commissions to cover their Essentials Line. We aren’t creating a buying club; we truly want our Ambassadors to represent our line well and make great commissions through styling their communities in our clothing that carries our Mission.
Q: Is there a "must be at least x years old" to be an ambassador?
A. We require women to be 18+ to be Ambassadors but welcome the younger generation as our customers on our DTC site.