Who Is Darling?

Darling Magazine began in 2012 as the first magazine to not retouch women’s skin or bodies and fill a need for deeper conversations around mind and soul wellness. Over the years, the brand has started a social movement centered around women knowing their inherent beauty and worth.

Through our print and digital outlets, Darling has published over 3,000 articles featuring women from all walks of life and has made a significant impact on the self-esteem of women worldwide.

Why the Investment
Why the Investment

In 2023, we decided to expand into a lifestyle brand offering a clothing line and home décor products that encourage people at their core and create community. Through all we do, we hope that our message of “you are a work of art” stays with you as you wear our clothing and host within your home.


Since community is a cornerstone of our brand, we now have an Ambassador opportunity for women to represent our ethos and join us in spreading our mission.

Our Product

Our Capsule Collection is based on the philosophy that every woman needs foundational, classic pieces in her closet to build upon—the ones you reach for first.

We believe that buying less but more high-quality staple items is better for not only the environment, but also for your personal style. These 20 pieces can all be mixed and matched to make endless combinations.

Our Drops are special pieces based around a theme or feeling of the season during the year, and integrate seamlessly into our Capsule to accent and refresh all your staple items.

Darling not fast fashion, in fact, it’s the opposite. Made of high-quality fabrics with intricate and interesting design elements, our clothing is lasting and won’t wear out after a few washes. Our prices reflect this quality and the mindset of a lifestyle that represents an intentional and beautiful life.


Our Packaging

Regarding our packaging, we hope you enjoy the “you are a work of art” message in our wash tags, a special note for you, each time you put on a garment. Our hang tags that showcase our Mission are 100% recyclable. Our mailers are 100% recyclable, and our poly bags are made of 100% recycled materials, and are recyclable as well.


Our Production

We start with fabric, focusing on the quality and feel, environmental impact and durability. Whenever possible, we choose materials with the lowest environmental impact—using primarily natural fibers that still enable an affordable price point.

Our desire is to produce timeless and chic pieces that respect people above all, as well as the planet. Currently, our collection is 47% sustainable. We’re off to a good start and can’t wait to grow more into the brand we desire to be.

Our home décor items are currently made my talented makers in the United States and Europe. As we grow, we will be creating our home décor goods through strategic maker collaborations.


Our Production Mangagement

Shirley is the manager of our production overseas, a Chinese woman who has lived in both China and the United States in her 30 years of production experience. She is passionate about ethical production and values relationships first and foremost. She is our liason between Darling and all our sample sewers and final production sewers. She is knowledgeable about the country, the culture and all best practices with production. Her son, James, is passionate about sustainability and sits on panels in China as an advocate for sustainability and pushing for new and better fabrics for the planet. James is responsible for sending Darling new fabrics and helping us push for both quality and sustainable fabrics whenever possible with our designs.