Earn an Income & Other Perks

Earn an Income & Other Perks

Darling is not structured as a multi-level marketing (MLM) business; Ambassadors only receive commission based off their own sales. However, we do believe in the power of community in doing “good business,” so we have a strong referral program through which we seek to grow our Ambassador community through personal relationship. We ask women to be thoughtful about who they introduce to this opportunity, as we are seeking to have the message of Darling be shared with intentionality.

Commission Structure

25% commission
30% commission
35% commission
40% commission

Referral Bonus Program

As a thank you gift for being one of our first 250 Ambassadors, each Ambassador will receive a complimentary Darling Apolis bag. In addition, we will also be expanding our Referral Bonus Program where both you and your friend get Darling dollars – it’s a win win! See below for the different referral bonuses for each capsule investment.

Gift Bag
10 Piece Referral Bonus
20 Piece Referral Bonus
Charity Element

Charity Element

Darling is able to donate 1% of sales to the Darling Foundation. We strongly believe in giving back to causes that support women in three areas: business, mental health and sex trafficking victims. We are committed to telling the stories of those we support on our platform.

Community Element

Community Element

The Darling Society is a group of insider, like-minded women who encourage and share their lives with one another. We have created an online platform for communication and connection along with future intentional Ambassador-only events by region. As a part of this community, you will be uplifted and supported by one another as you share the Darling Mission.