Why the Investment

Why the Investment?

The opportunity to sell the Darling line is similar to being a sales representative of a clothing showroom; you invest in a collection and use the line to start a business by making commissions on whatever you sell. You can sell your samples at the end of the season and recoup your investment as well! 

There are two entry points: $1000 for 20 pieces or $500 for 10 pieces.

We aren’t interested in one-off social media posts without a relationship to our brand and ethos; we are building a sophisticated opportunity for women to organically wear and support a line that is making a positive difference in women’s lives.

Incredible Value

1000 Investment
500 Investment

The Darling Collection

Twice a year, our Capsule Collections are released as pieces that all merchandise together. These are the key, daily go-to pieces in every woman’s closet—the foundation and canvas for which you add color, texture, trend or luxury pieces. Made with high-quality fabrics, these are the indispensable pieces that women typically have to replace over and over.

The “Trend Drops” are three items a month that are more trend driven, created from a unique fabric, based off a creative theme, or as a collaboration with a “Darling” kind of influencer. Trend Drops are limited edition and create scarcity demand. These are the pieces that can accent the Capsule Collection, building out a wardrobe with statement pieces.

20 Piece Capsule

Sizing and Prices


We want every woman to feel beautiful in our clothing, so we thoughtfully consider various body types in our design process. For example, nothing is extremely tight or fitted; we have put elastic in many of the waistbands and are working with ties, string cinches and other elements that can make the collection the most versatile. We know we aren’t perfect and won’t nail it every time, but we are hoping for your feedback (and grace) as we grow and learn who our audience is and what they desire.


Darling is an elevated clothing line. We are not fast fashion, so our prices for the Capsule Collection start at $70 and go up to around $225, with some of our Trend Drops or fully sustainable items being a bit higher than $200 in price. We stand by the fact that ethically made clothing costs more, because it is made well, and its creators are taken care of.

Our Product Philosophy

Our Product Philosophy

Sustainability and Transparency

We don’t identify as a 100% sustainable brand that hits all 200+ sustainability points. The unfortunate truth is that many brands claim this but are not living up to it on the back end. We are a brand who truly cares about integrity; we see ethical production as a moral obligation, so every decision counts. Our commitment is to work toward becoming more and more sustainable, while being 100% transparent on our production. Our first collection is 47% sustainable, which is a huge milestone for us right out of the gate. We’re committed to making better choices every day, minimizing our social and environmental impact across the entire business.